De ongefilterde waarheid over water

Clean Water Assets

The world faces a looming water crisis with immense consequences for health, agriculture, industry, the environment, and even social stability. Water scarcity, characterized by insufficient access to clean and safe water, is a growing threat across the globe. This includes Europe and even the Netherlands. In fact, the Netherlands currently struggles with some of the poorest water quality in the EU, including a significant issue with PFAS contamination.

Schoon water en Artificial Intelligence

Water is of vital importance. And the biggest challenge is to ensure that everyone has easy access to sufficient, clean and safe water by:     

• Developing new water sources  
• Improved accessibility and management of water 
• Ensuring water quality  

Momentum Clean Water Assets focuses on the core of the problem: water quality.  We focus on data and use Artificial Intelligence for diagnosing water pollution. And we focus on the polluter. In particular, we are committed to a decentralized, globally scalable technology with intellectual property (IP) for water purification at large-scale consumers; industrial parties that are currently carrying out permitted but unacceptable discharges. 

Portfolio Clean Water Assets 

With a specialized team and specific investment criteria, Momentum Clean Water Assets is building a portfolio of companies engaged in:  
• AI – driven water solutions  
• Water Purification Solutions