Creating Pioneers

Who we are

Momentum Capital is an entrepreneurial investor incorporated by Martijn van Rheenen in 2005. Since October 2019, day-to-day management has been in the hands of Susanne Muntinga (CEO) and Marcel Verhoeven (CIO).

We have incorporated several international companies with a combined value of around €475 million. About 200 people work within the group.

Vision and mission

Momentum Capital is convinced that money can contribute towards a better world. That’s why we invest in companies and provide solutions for the energy, lighting, leisure, and urban sectors. 

In doing so, we apply the Momentum model, in consideration of our social and financial objectives. When we see potential, we step in with a majority stake and build everything up to a higher level, relying on support at all levels – from funding to R&D locations, from researchers to top CEOs in the relevant field.

That is how we build opportunities to help a business achieve success in a short period of time, every time.

Creating financial value by solving big problems.


The Momentum Capital family consists of approximately 200 employees in the Netherlands and around the world, with about 40 of them working at our head office in Amsterdam. 

Investor relations

Christian Gyasi

Investor Relations

Onno van Rheenen

Investor Relations

Paul van Griethuysen

Investor Relations

Joost Oostveen

Head of Investor Relations

Office Management & IT

Vanee van Laar

Office Manager

Chantal Pfersich

Office Manager

Erik van der Steen

Head of Office Management & IT


Jasper Rombout

Head of Marketing & Communication

Sophie van Eijck

Technical Marketeer

Roy Mantel

Company Journalist & Copywriter


Rory van ‘t Schip

Head of Finance & Control

Arjan Bomkamp

Corporate Finance

Bram Munnik

Contract Manager

Erik van der Niet

Financial Controller

Melany Blankendal

Accounting Officer

Isura Bendt

Contract support


Mikke Ruuhonen

Strategic Advisor

Management Participations

Perpetual Next

Martijn van Rheenen


Rene Buwalda


Erik Huis

Non Executive Director

Maarten Gnoth



Marcel Verhoeven

Deputy CEO

Martijn van Boxel

Finance & Control

Martijn Dekker


Stuart Paskett



Robert Rosinski

Asset Manager

Luc van der Biest

Director investments & constructions Plopsa Group

Steve Van den Kerkhof

CEO Plopsa Group

Daniel Zielinski

Park manager Kownaty


Pieter Six


Kevin Ho

Deputy F&C

shounak roy
Shounak Roy

Program Director Electronics

Marie Anne van de Haar

Program Director Materials

charlie minter
Charlie Minter

Program Director Life Science (a.i.)


Gilda Amaya

Asset Manager

Tomas Gasset

CEO Partner Urbania International

Business partners

Below you will find a number of companies and (government) bodies with which Momentum Capital has joint ventures; invests together; is subsidized; has set up strategic partnerships or is advised by.