Looking to the future

About Momentum

Momentum is an independent investment partner that helps start-ups and medium-sized companies realize their growth ambitions on the domestic and international stage. We specialise in supporting family businesses and companies that make an impact and are led by strong, engaged management teams. We have been investing in tech scale-ups and various industrial and leisure projects for the past two decades, frequently without external financing. The companies we invest in are at the forefront of their industries, and in some cases market leaders.

Our approach
We help our participations grow through a buy and build strategy. We unlock value overlooked by others, and we are the first to seize opportunities. It is common to hear someone say ‘we’ve already started’ at Momentum.

Vision and mission

We believe that anything new and meaningful has to be an improvement on what came before. Innovation does entail risks, but it is essential for progress. Our vision requires careful risk management. Momentum’s priorities are the ultimate goal and direction, not short-term gains.
Momentum Capital has always been at the forefront in identifying trends that are now a given in the world of investment, such as investing in sustainable raw materials, local self-sufficiency and the way people spend their free time. This foresight has been the key to our success.
We are not interested in returning to the old, polluting economies that are obsessed with short-term profits; we want to create long-term value and a legacy for future generations.

Our mission is to make sustainable, meaningful investments that have a positive impact on both society and the environment. We are committed to being at the forefront when it comes to identifying and capitalising on emerging trends, where we demonstrate that impact and healthy returns can go hand in hand.


We see ESG responsible investing as an important condition for creating more value. Investing in solutions for current and future generations is inextricably linked to the core activities of Momentum and its participations.

Return versus sustainability

Long-term impact requires patience. A meaningful legacy is always more important than short-term gains for Momentum. Short-term wins can never outweigh our responsibilities towards our children and grandchildren, which is why our vision is always focused on the world we are creating for current and future generations.


Our strength lies in the people we work with: colleagues, customers, co-investors and business partners, where demonstrating character, trust and keeping to agreements are essential.

Track record

Over the past fifteen years, we have created significant social and environmental value, as well as financial returns.