Entrepreneurial investing

Creating financial value by solving big problems

Momentum Capital

Momentum Capital is an independent entrepreneurial investor with a long-term vision focusing on creating value for businesses, people, employees, and society as a whole. Momentum Capital invests outside the stock market and directly in businesses using mainly stockholders’ equity, supplemented by capital from co-investors, with the aim of increasing its financial clout.

Momentum Capital has established several international companies with a combined value of around €475 million. About 200 people work within the group.

An independent investment company focusing on creating value, with concern for employees and a long-term vision.

Sectors in which Momentum Capital invests

The growth of the world’s population has consequences for how we live, use energy, and spend our leisure time. Momentum Capital invests in and builds companies that contribute towards innovative solutions for these problems. We have majority interests in companies in four focus areas.