Lighting, Publication / March 18, 2020

PRESS RELEASE Pieter Six New CEO Led Technology Company Seaborough

AMSTERDAM - Pieter Six (Hilversum, 1980) has been appointed as CEO of the Amsterdam-based LED technology company Seaborough. The company, a subsidiary of impact investor Momentum Capital, focused for a number of years on developing impactful and groundbreaking LED technologies. The company is now ready to bring these to the market. Six has a background in the LED industry and has held various positions, including Chief Commercial Officer at Ellipz Smart Solutions. This makes him the right person to take the next step with Seaborough.

pieter six seaborough

Six, a descendant of the famous Amsterdam Mayor Jan Six (1618-1700), is well versed in the world of LED. Before joining Seaborough, he worked as Chief Commercial Officer for Ellipz Smart Solutions, a company that enables data communication via light. This is called LiFi, which stands for Light Fidelity.

Led-tl that works on 99.9% of all luminaires

Seaborough develops high-quality LED technologies. For example, the company has designed a LED fluorescent tube under the name OneTled, which works on 99.9% of all luminaires and ballasts. With this, Seaborough gives its competitors the edge.

Technology for warmer white LED light

Another innovative technology being worked on is EuroLED: a new way to design luminous materials at the nanoscale. This technology can be used to develop a new red-emitting material for warmer white LED light. This results in 15 to 20% higher efficiency, while at the same time maintaining high colour quality. In 2018, Seaborough’s EuroLED program was awarded a European Eurostars grant within the Horizon2020 framework in a consortium with research institutes Fraunhofer CAN, FGK and the German company MyBiotech.

Research into healthy light

The Amsterdam Seaborough also conducts research into lighting techniques for medical and health purposes. Seaborough is currently developing a lighting technology aimed at photobiomodulation. This form of light and energy delivery leads to pain relief, faster healing and recovery, more energy and a stronger immune system. The lighting industry follows developments closely.

CEO Pieter Six will further shift the scope of the company towards market introductions, although Seaborough Research & Development will always play a major role.

Spokesperson Roy Mantel:
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