Energy, Perpetual Next / April 13, 2022

Perpetual Next qualifies for XPRIZE Carbon Removal

Momentum is proud to announce that Perpetual Next has qualified for the 100 million dollar XPRIZE competition. We’re excited that Perpetual Next is one of 1,133 teams registered for the competition.




Perpetual Next provides a carbon removal solution that gets the farmers of the world involved. Every year the world produces gigatons of emissions from forestry and food production. The majority of their biogenic residuals end up in the atmosphere, often being burned or dumped in landfills.

Team Perpetual Next contributes to the XPRIZE with technology that stabilises the carbon from biogenic residues and stores the carbon into valuable products, for example in the form of biochar. The biochar can be used to improve the soil and stores the carbon in the soil. The Perpetual Next solution can be scaled globally and offers the agricultural sector an opportunity to turn their organic waste streams into their carbon removal legacy.

Carbon removal legacy
“For me, participating in the XPRIZE with Perpetual Next is great fun and deadly serious at the same time,” says Martijn van Rheenen. “As a founder, I love helping these great scientists that are working together and producing technologies that can remove carbon.”
“As a father of six, I’m deadly serious about it. What I like about the Perpetual carbon removal solutions is that every community with organic residuals can get involved by turning waste into a carbon removal opportunity. Let's do this together and build our carbon removal legacy.”