Lighting / April 28, 2021

Coronavirus-fighting LED light tube developed in German-Dutch collaboration

The German lighting company Aurora Lichtwerke and the Dutch lighting innovation company Seaborough have collaborated to develop a LED tube that can destroy COVID-19 virus particles. The LED tube is compatible with all existing fluorescent tube fixtures. The 'Aurosun' LED tube applies the patented Biovitae technology, which has a proven antiviral and antibacterial cleaning effect by emitting specific frequencies of the visible light spectrum. The companies expect to bring this innovation to market in September this year.


Dr. Roland Michal, CEO of Aurora Lichtwerke (l) and Pieter Six, CEO of Seaborough (r), sign the contract to bring the  ‘Aurosun’ LED-tube to the market.

Continuous and safe illumination
The disinfection technology can be used safely and continuously while rooms are in use, distinguishing this innovation from solutions based on UV-C light, which is harmful to humans. Aurosun's continuous indoor disinfection is a highly effective solution for preventing and suppressing bacterial or viral infections. It works when the risk of infection is greatest: in the presence of people who are both spreaders and targets of bacteria and viruses. The Biovitae technology itself is an invention of the Italian company NextSense (a P&P Group company), an industrial and commercial partner of Aurora Lichtwerke.

Universally applicable
The Aurosun tube fits into existing light tube fittings thanks to the patented technology called oneTLed, owned by Seaborough. LED tubes are increasingly replacing classic fluorescent tubes that contain toxic mercury and consume much more energy. In the EU, the production and use of fluorescent tube lighting will be phased out in 2023. The replacement of this obsolete technology by LED tubes will be accelerated by the joint development of Aurora Lichtwerke and Seaborough.

Combining two technologies
Pieter Six, CEO of Seaborough explains: "By combining two strong technologies into one solution, we are contributing to the fight against the Covid-19 virus and helping to make the toxic fluorescent tube out-of-date. With our oneTLed technology, we can ensure that this invention fits into virtually all existing fluorescent tube fixtures, which will facilitate its rapid acceptance."

Safe for humans and animals
Dr Roland Michal, CEO of Aurora Lichtwerke: "With Seaborough we have found the right partner to make LED tubes compatible to replace fluorescent tubes in every existing fixture. By using Aurosun tubes, this results in an upgrade of existing luminaires based on fluorescent lamps. The luminaire will now play an active role in disinfection when it illuminates a room. This is both safe for humans, and animals."

Beneficial for climate
Martijn van Rheenen, founder of Seaborough and CEO of shareholder Momentum Capital, emphasises the urgency: "Together we are able to provide a lighting solution that can tackle several serious challenges at once. While combating coronavirus particles, this LED tube contributes to the goals of preventing climate change and stopping the use of toxic chemicals."