Climate Tech

A joint approach is needed to stop the depletion of natural resources, climate change and a culture of waste. Momentum Capital is committed to this and has been investing for years in projects and technologies that focus on upgrading organic waste streams to high quality products. In this way Momentum Capital contributes to the fight against climate change and a culture of waste.

Perpetual Next

Perpetual Next is a climate tech company that recovers carbon from organic waste. Perpetual Next develop technologies to enable industries becoming more sustainable by replacing fossil resources with renewable carbon. Our product is called: Perpetual Carbon.

The focus of the technology and its applications is carbon removal: extracting CO₂ from the atmosphere and storing carbon in products that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere. This way Perpetual Next is making industries and businesses around the world more sustainable on the mutual journey towards a carbon-neutral 2050.

Perpetual Next has an integrated international operating platform with patented technologies. It's operations are centred around three separate, but complementary business divisions: Technologies, Conversions and Trading.