Perpetual Next / March 27, 2024

Important step towards large-scale bio methanol production at Baltania

TSI and Perpetual Next sign agreement to build world's largest carbonisation reactors

Perpetual Next - leading builder, owner and operator of production facilities that retrieve carbon and gas from organic waste - and US-based TSI - leading manufacturer for the wood processing industry - have signed an agreement to produce the world's largest carbonisation reactors, which will quadruple bio carbon production per reactor.

The first two XXL Tor-reactors will be built and installed combined with Perpetual Next's knowledge and know-how and will have a combined annual capacity of 160 thousand tons (160 million kilograms). This new, larger reactor has now been extensively tested by TSI and can be implemented for the expansion of the Perpetual Next Baltania production facility. This also marks an important step towards large-scale bio methanol production. The agreement with TSI envisages a total of eight Tor-reactors, which in addition to further expansion of Baltania will be provided for Perpetual Next's bio methanol projects in Europe and the U.S. Perpetual Next and TSI have been collaborating successfully for more than five years.

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