Although Poland’s constantly growing economy has been accompanied by a significant increase in purchasing power, leisure facilities have lagged behind. With theme parks, Momentum Capital offers a thriving boost to the Polish leisure industry.


Leisure & Holiday Parks Coöperatief U.A.

The leisure activities of Momentum Capital are accommodated in Leisure & Holiday Parks Coöperatief U.A.. An internationally oriented company focused on the development and exploitation of leisure concepts together with co-investors and strategic business partners in Europe.

In a joint venture with Plopsa the Polish theme park market has been conquered, with Majaland Kownaty as flagship park.

In the coming years this success will be followed up with three satellite parks covering the rest of Poland's catchment area.

For more information please feel free to take a look at the website of Leisure & Holiday Parks or take a look at the website of Majaland Kownaty or our partner Plopsa.