November 21, 2019

PRESS RELEASE Momentum Capital reinforced with new CEO and CIO

AMSTERDAM - Susanne Muntinga-Van den Houten has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of investment company Momentum Capital B.V. Marcel Verhoeven has also stepped into the post of Chief Investment Officer. With these new executives at the helm, founder Martijn van Rheenen is taking the organization – known for its Plopsa parks in Europe – from strength to strength. 

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Momentum Capital is most widely known as the major shareholder in the successful Plopsa theme park portfolio in Poland, which it has built up with Belgian entertainment company Studio 100/Plopsa. Over the past fifteen years, Momentum Capital has also accumulated a solid energy portfolio, acquired a subsidiary in LED technology, and invested in urban development, all under the leadership of founder Martijn van Rheenen. This takes the total value of Momentum Capital’s subsidiaries to around €475 million.

CEO - Susanne Muntinga

Before joining Momentum Capital, Susanne Muntinga was CFO at Naarden-based investment company Dasym. She previously worked for eight years at the American multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley, as Executive Director of the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds, as well as at Deloitte. As CEO of Momentum Capital, Susanne will steer the company into its next phase and act as dealmaker for future exits from subsidiary companies. Susanne started at Momentum Capital in June 2019 as Head of Transition and Corporate Strategy.

CIO - Marcel Verhoeven

Marcel Verhoeven has been with Momentum Capital a little longer, serving as Head of Asset Management prior to his new appointment. From January 2017 until mid-2019, Marcel also worked as Chief Commercial Officer at Seaborough, the LED technology company founded by Momentum Capital in 2013. Before that, he worked in the lighting division of Philips and for lighting manufacturers Osram and Zumtobel. As CIO at Momentum Capital, Marcel will increase the independence of the company’s various holdings and prepare parts of them for exit.

The Momentum model

With the appointment of a new management board, Head of Treasury Kevin Ho and founder Martijn van Rheenen have joined the non-executive board. This will allow Martijn to focus on the long-term strategy and prepare for ventures within Momentum Capital. Martijn said, “I’m an entrepreneur, someone who seeks to explore new paths. Susanne and Marcel have the talent to develop Momentum even further. And to successfully bring some of our subsidiaries to the market and contribute toward the future Momentum model. Day-to-day management is in good hands with them. Of course, I am still closely involved in Momentum Capital as the major shareholder and a board member. But I’m delighted that Momentum Capital is gaining the strength that it deserves.”

Track record

Susanne adds, “When Martijn asked me to step into this role, I didn’t have to think about it for long. He has built up a superb company, with a great group of people and range of subsidiaries to be proud of. Momentum has a great track record. I’m incredibly honored that, together with the team, I have been given ultimately responsibility for ensuring Momentum achieves its social, societal, and financial goals.” 

Marcel says, “We expect to make a number of exits with some of our subsidiaries over the coming period and cement our successful track record. This is a phase that we as a team have been looking forward to immensely.” 

About Momentum Capital

Momentum Capital is an independent entrepreneurial investor with a long-term vision focusing on creating value for businesses, people, employees, and society as a whole. Momentum Capital invests outside the stock market and directly in businesses using stockholders’ equity, supplemented by capital from co-investors, with the aim of increasing its financial clout. Momentum Capital has established several international companies with a combined value of around €475 million. About 200 people work within the group.

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