Most important dates of Q1 and Q2 2020


Tuesday, March 17

Webinar: Market turning, corona crisis and the impact on your investments

Due to current (market) developments, we would like to provide you with further information on behalf of the entire board of Momentum Capital. The global market turn, which we have anticipated with you previously, has been triggered by COVID-19; the coronavirus.

What does the corona crisis mean for your physical and financial health and that of your loved ones? What is the impact on Momentum Capital, our subsidiaries and your investments with us?

These questions are answered during an interactive webinar, given by Martijn van Rheenen.

Tuesday, April 7

Kick-off Leisure Conversion

This meeting is for all investors with a conversion option for Leisure.

Wednesday, April 22

Momentum's business strategy 2020 - 2022

On Wednesday 22 April at 7 pm, Momentum will inform co-investors about the business strategy for the next 2 years. The method that Momentum will apply provides clear frameworks and guidelines for all Momentum's participations.

You can also expect company tips during this interactive webinar. Not only from Momentum, but also from participants and specialists who will share their experiences and plans live.

Wednesday, May 27

Certificate holder meeting Tech-Fund

The certificate holder meeting for participants in the Momentum Technology Fund I B.V. will take place on 10 June. In addition to informing about the intended sale of CEG, (the effect of) the upside of CEG will also be clarified. All certificate holders have received an invitation.

Wednesday, June 24

Urban Brazil meeting for MC + Bond Brazil bondholders

In order to provide the MC + Bond Brazil bondholders with an update, an investor meeting will take place on Wednesday 24 June. The bondholders will receive an invitation.